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In need of a Web Developer?
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I am a web developer with about five years of experience in creating web applications and services. I can help you design your business infrastructure and your development team management process. I can help you set your testing strategy and build your application's architecture.

Regarding the stack, I am currently working extensively with Javascript/Node.js and React.js to build robust web applications and services. My I/P/F-aaS of preference is AWS.

Above all, I am getting things done.

This site should provide you with all the information you need but if you still have questions, please consult my LinkedIn profile, my GitHub profile or contact me directly. I like receiving email from people.

I am currently available to hire for a limited amount of work per week.

Email me to talk about your project or just to say hi.

I'm Rossi Meacham, a web developer, crypto lover, and enthusiastic doer of things. My mission is to write clean and efficient code, to solve problems on the web and to keep learning until I stop breathing. Read more about me or get in touch.