Rossi Meacham

Heyo, I'm Rossi. Thanks for stopping by!


I design software and websites, that use APIs and databases to serve the rest of an application. I am a full stack engineer but I love taking a specific field and learning it inside and out. I am always interested in being a part of a team that builds great software and getting things done.

I like things like Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Webpack, Gulp, MySQL, MongoDB, Mocha, Jest, AWS, Ansible, Git and a whole lot more.

I like speaking at conferences about things that I've tried and making music which you can listen to on my Soundcloud. I created SoundSource and this Todo App You can find more code samples and my contributions on Github. Along with some folks, we are organizing the local Nodejs meetup and Maine Crypto Conf, the biggest web development conference in Maine. We are also known as JACS.

This site is being generated using Gatsby.js and you can find the source on GitHub.

I am currently living in Portland, Maine. Have you ever been? Take a look, I am sure you will fall in love with the amazing beaches of Kennebunkport.

Started the first ever Podcast for Maine developers.
Started working with NoPoVentures
Won first prize at Portland Startup Live with the JACS team.
Booper is on the air
Started working with a local web design agency. Lots of E-Commerce and Wordpress based projects
This blog was born, and later refactored using Gatsby.js
A Slack bot that welcomes news members on your team
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PHP sandbox powered up with the latest Magento installation to test your Magento skills
Crypto for beginners
How I scale my codebase
I'm Rossi Meacham, a web developer, crypto lover, and enthusiastic doer of things. My mission is to write clean and efficient code, to solve problems on the web and to keep learning until I stop breathing. Read more about me or get in touch.